Instant payday loans are growing in demand, because of its ability to offer quick cash, when it is needed badly. Online borrowing has offered an opportunity to resolve financial issues in a short time. The process of approval is so simple and time-saving that the frustrating inconveniences got eliminated from advance loan application for the lenders.

Awareness about instant payday loan is vital to make an informed decision. It must not be just a spontaneous desire to get cash quickly without any knowledge of how it works.

Kinds of problem solved with instant loan help

Budget management is challenging for those depending on their monthly salary. It can be difficult, when you experience unplanned expenses like –

  • Urgent car repair
  • Medical bill payment
  • Monthly shortfall

These are probably some situations amongst many, which can be solved with instant payday loan.

People suffering from short term money issues can apply for instant cash with Pret911. They offer customers –

  • Loan amount from $100 – $1000
  • Approval with bad credit
  • Online application for instant cash loan
  • Eliminates paperwork and fax
  • No credit check
  • 24/7 Customer service
  • No waiting period
  • No undesired questions like how will you spend the borrowed funds
  • No need for collateral submission as security

How soon will you get the funds?

Instant means the minimal time taken for loan approval process.

  • Approximately 3 to 5 minutes in application form filling online on Pret911 official website.
  • You can take around 15 minutes in finding a suitable offer that suits your needs related to terms and rate of interest.
  • About 1 hour to consider pros and cons, do calculations, and make a reasonable decision. Ultimately sign the loan agreement.
  • Within a couple of hours the funds get transferred in your Bank account.

Everything is accompanies with advantages and disadvantages. Similarly, instant cash loans are beneficial but have some cons attached.

Enjoy the pros

  • Easy process and minimal requirements
  • Fast approval
  • No concern about credit history

Consider the cons

  • High interest rate [because of high risk]
  • Short term repayment time, usually 1 to 2 weeks
  • Amount of loan is small maximum $1000

Before signing weight the advantages and disadvantages thoroughly to avoid any regrets later.

Loan repayment terms

You need to pay this short term loan as soon as you earn the next monthly salary. Repayment can be made from home in the same way you got funds in your bank account. Make sure to consider the APR [annual percentage rate] because it differs from one lender to another.  Even consider if two weeks is sufficient to make repayment with the high interest rate. Make sure to have some backup plan for making repayments.