Today we will consider the brokerage company Larson&Holz, but from the eyewitnesses. Contacting representatives of the company, I would like to clarify the situation in all areas. Let’s notice, that at Larson&Holz them it is a lot of. To start with, we managed to find out about the company itself, and some of the services that it presented to its customers.

First, the company has three representative centers in St. Petersburg. This makes the task easier, because you can contact any of them. And in addition, it is planned to open two additional offices for the reception of clients. Agree, such a scope is possible only with high profitability of the company. This is already a plus in her direction. Moreover, Larson&Holz is mentioned in many authoritative resources.

We open a new trading account

Even Wikipedia did not ignore this company. If you understand, the brokerage company is really good. Some point to multistage navigation of the company’s official website. But let’s turn to the generally accepted facts. Such navigation is typical for brokers who try to bring the necessary information to each client. Well, what’s the use of a broker if he has only a few pages on the site? And then, it is not clear what. The first time is difficult to understand because of the large amount of information.

But what is characteristic is that navigation is divided into sections. In each section there are subsections. For example, the training section of beginning traders. This section is divided into subsections: training for beginning traders, training for traders who have already mastered the basic principles of the market structure, training in trading using trade indicators, and training in trading using patterns.

As you can see, everything is in its place. It’s the same with other sections. We open a new trading account. We are invited to select the type of trading bank account in the subsection. In general, at first glance it is really difficult to understand. But in the future this difficulty grows into convenience.

Amount of at least $ 1,000

The next moment, this is the movement of money through the system. Yes, a representative of Larson&Holz advises an amount of at least $ 1,000. This is not the amount that can surprise anyone. And then, what is the sense of the company to service trading accounts, whose deposits do not exceed $ 100. Here, even a novice trader will confirm that it is impossible to trade with this amount. We are no longer talking about 10 dollars.

This is generally ridiculous. Suppose, the client has replenished the deposit for the recommended 1,000 dollars. With this amount, you can not expect to make a profit. And in our time, this amount is not transcendental. In addition, it should be understood that this is trading, and this is work in financial markets. To get profit, you need seed money. And right away, most customers enter 50 dollars into the system, and try to get the same $ 1,000 from it. This is an irrational approach, which threatens the loss of this money.

Signing of a contract of cooperation between the client

Another interesting point is the signing of a contract of cooperation between the client. To begin with, this rule was introduced by all major brokerage companies. And the company Larson&Holz once again showed that working with clients is carried out not only on an official basis, but also on a reciprocal basis. The client is asked to indicate his / her real name and surname.

And plus to this, to confirm your identity. More from him nothing is required. But for many, this is the problem of the century. This happens for the following reasons. Most of the beginning traders started with small pyramids, or haypov, which on the Internet really a lot.

There it is necessary to specify the details of the payment system. No names and surnames, and even more, evidence that a person really has a first and last name. Having lost money one day, a person tries not to specify real data in the future. But when dealing with brokerage offices of the highest rank, this habit should be excluded.

This is clearly indicated by the managers of Larson & Holz. Here the variant with fictitious names and surnames does not pass. Yes, if only because the controlling authorities check every client of the brokerage company. Such rules now. And do not think that employees of Larson&Holz can somehow use the customer’s data. Not now is the time.

The same applies to the verification procedure, which was given the status of a standard tool. If the client can not personally come to the nearest office, you can do a scan of the passport or driver’s license. At this stage, many people have a problem, because they try to overwrite the photo in any graphics editor. The photo of the document holder should be clearly visible, and the clear letters of the name and surname. Otherwise, the manager will not accept this confirmation. This is a proven fact.

Larson&Holz is not considered a kind of HYIP to work with customers whose identity is not established. But if everything is done correctly, as required by the company’s rules, there will be no problems.

The bonus system of Larson & Holz

Another interesting point. This applies to the bonus system of Larson & Holz. More precisely, no deposit bonus, which is the peak of perfection. Here it is necessary to understand one characteristic feature of the bonus system of any broker. The company offers the client to open a no-deposit trading account, on the balance of which $ 100. It’s no secret that many want to take advantage of this option.

Moreover, this is a real trading account, and you can actually get a prize in the form of all the profits received. Agree, well thought out. We get the starting money for the trade. We take no chances. We take all the profits. These advantages completely cover any minor drawback. Again, the company offers the client to open a no-deposit trading account three times. If the trader has two previous trades. After the third time, this function will be disabled from the accounting.

But some want to get this bonus for the fourth time. And even the fifth time. Therefore, the company automated this process. This allows you to keep track of all customers who have received the bonus three times. Some of them open a duplicate account, linked, allegedly with a verified one. This is not surprising, since a significant amount is at stake. These dishonest actions lead to the blocking of the account until the end of the proceedings.

As for other bonuses, some customers have been noticed in using the chitings. In order to receive a bonus, you must billet three full lots. Traders conduct non-systemic trading to obtain minimal losses. After three lots, the customer picks up his bonus. Again, the company Larson & Holz suppresses such actions until the deletion of the account.