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Echoice is one of the sites on the internet which is providing the best home loans. There are many types of home loans and these are as follows:

  • Basic Loans
  • Fixed Rate Loans
  • Interest Only
  • Lo Doc
  • Standard Variable Rate
  • Split Rate
  • Line Of Credit
  • No Deposit

Following are the above mentioned loans which one can enjoy. The explanation of all the loans is as follows:

Basic Loans

One can go for this type of loan, by getting this loan you can avail the lowest interest rates and the fees of bank as well. The bank fee is also very low. The features are very minimal; the people don’t have to go for any extra repayments.

Fixed Rate Loans

If the person wants to avoid the increase of interest rate than the person should go for the fixed rate loan because these loans provide the stability in the monthly payments and the stability in the interest rates mostly it happens between one to five years but after then one can choose for the variable rate. With the help of the fixed rate one can stabilize the amount of budget.

Interest Only

These loans are very suitable for the people who are actually investors and like to invest in different places. Here the amount of repayment is very low and the investors can get a large amount of benefit from these loans.

Lo Doc Loans

Following are some of the features of the loans and also suitable for some specific people and these are as follows:

  • One can get simple and very quick type of financing from these loans.
  • The people who are self employed can avail this loan very easily.
  • The application procedure of the loan is very easy and systematic.
  • The paperwork is very less in this type of loan and this thing help the borrower to get the loan very easily and without any hassle.
  • The one who is applying for the loan must maintain the proper and clear history of the credit.

The line of credit is very much common because of the features and also because of the flexibility. Here the amount of the limit is very much than the original credit cards. Not every one can avail these lines because these lines basically offer freedom to the people but not to every one. Here the interest rates are actually very much lower than the interest rates on the credit cards. These home loans can be used for the buying the personal poverty and also to purchase the investment properties. So there are many options for the consumers to make a decision for getting the loan.

Basic Loans

Mortgage loans are very secured loans because to get these loans, one has to give some valuable asset to the lender. If the borrower is not able to pay back the loan then the lender is obliged to get the valuable given asset on the permanent basis and after that the lender can sell out the property to get the money out. One can get the real and accurate information about the mortgage home loan from the banks and any other financial institutions. The needy people with bad credit can also apply for the bad credit home loan.

The banks and other financial institutions are providing the home loan rate to the people without any discrepancies. The members of the credit unions can avail the home finance facility. Home loan refinance is the term which one must know because sometimes it happens that to repay the amount of money taken is very must on urgent basis so the loan refinance helps the person to repay all the liability. Home financing is very important term in finance and all the financial loan sites are providing the information about the home financing.


Home mortgage loan could be used to repay the amount of loan has taken previously to buy the loan. One can get the loan for the re-establishment and one should know that in the world of advancement, you can also go for home improvement loan. These loans one can use for the purpose of improving the home lifestyle, the structure of the home as well.

There are many financial institutions which are offering the best package for the bad credit home loans, the person with the bad credit history record and the bad credit report can also gain the advantages of the home loans. So the fact remain the same that every one should know that from where to search the best package of home loans because without searching it may happen that you are not able to avail the best offer which is available in the market by the banks or any other financial institutions.


Home loan interest is the toughest thing in the loan procedure because the repayment of the amount is not big issue but the interest rate is the issue for the customers. Home loan calculator is able to define the interest rates and the amount of the payment which the borrower has to make every month. The calculator provides the accurate figures to the borrowers and the lenders. One can get the calculator from offline stores and as well as from online stores.

But one should buy the calculator from the place which provides the calculator at the lowest rate. If you want to know about the home loan rates you can see the financial magazines and you can also visit any bank or credit union for the accurate figures.

So now you can not only apply for the car loan etc but also can apply for the home loan. But before going for the loans one should know the reason to have the loan.


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